“We are about improvement. Innovation and technology allow us to
review service times, estimate our peak period capacity, and improve the design.”

Seeing Is Believing

From day one, Design +, clients enjoy the advantages of seeing their project grow and develop in a three-dimensional color graphic model. You can virtually walk through a model of your building long before it’s built. This promotes dialogue and allows for affordable change during the project — a level of service that customers have come to demand.

Architects’ two-dimensional sketches can sometimes be difficult to visualize. But with 3-D drawings, seeing is believing. Preliminary drawings can be rendered in a detailed 3-D model. This flexibility allows you to review thru-put and how it relates to customer service, and helps to identify any missed opportunities. “If you maintain the 3-D model through the process, you’re able to make changes in stride and incorporate them into the evolving model.”

Design +, has revolutionized the use of design software and is committed to the pursuit of future technologies for the benefit of our customers and their projects.

“You can learn much faster when you can look at things in
three dimensions and tell how a building is coming together.”